Who We Are

With origins in Switzerland, our team met while working for several Swiss banks for over ten years.

In 2006 we started learning to trade the stock market as a team, reviewing our trades and helped each other to grow more knowledge. After several years we went to trade full time and gained the financial freedom we all seek.

Our Expertise

We specialized in day- and swing-trading US stocks in the two leading exchanges, the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and the NASDAQ.

After analyzing thousands of stock charts, we developed simple trading strategies that make us profit every day.

Our Goals

Make Trading Easy

We want to reduce confusion about trading and help to guide new traders as simple as possible.

Stop The Fake

There is a lot of overcomplicated and false information about trading on the internet, some even hiding behind paywalls. We want to stop people from buying into these programs and show where they should focus.

Share Ideas

We want to help traders by sharing trade ideas and show them recaps of trades so everyone can learn and profit.