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4 of THE BEST FREE Online Stock Trading Sites for a BEGINNER

You want to learn stock trading but don’t know where to start? We got you covered with the five best sites that offer a lot of resources to learn stock trading for free, as well as finding the best brokers that provide an excellent education for beginners.

The following list has no particular order. All of these sites are great for beginners to get started.

1. Start Online Trading (Free Starting Guide & Learning)

The primary goal of this website is to teach beginners all they need to know about trading in the most compact form possible. Whether it is basic market knowledge, brokers, or trading techniques, it offers all the required expertise and resources to start your trading career, and all of this is available for free.

2. Finviz (Free Screener)

Finviz has pretty much the best free stock screener on the internet. With a screener, you will be able to find stocks that have lots of price movement. The options to screen for stocks go incredibly deep with Finviz, and they offer a wide variety of information of a particular even with some technical analysis for swing trading.

3. Tradingview (Free Charting)

Tradingview is an excellent platform for on the go charting, screeners, and to get trading ideas. It is all available in the browser and has the smoothest in-browser charting I’ve seen so far.

The charting has pretty much all the tools you need to analyze a stock. The free version has a delay of 20 minutes, though, so you can’t use it for trading unless you pay for it.

4. Stocktwits (Free Twitter for Stocks)

Stocktwits is Twitter for trading. While there is a lot of noise of hopeful investors that want to push their stock over there, you will find quite a few good ones to follow once you spend some time there.

This platform is also excellent to grasp overall sentiment for stocks since everyone can add a bullish or a bearish view to their tweet. This metric might help you decide on which side you want to trade a stock for the day.

The sheer amount of tweets also allows you to sense where a lot of the action is happening. The more tweets there are for a stock, the more eyes are on these stocks, which also means possible price movement and thus an opportunity for you to make money.

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