Our Experience Trading Stocks
June 10, 2020

4 of THE BEST FREE Online Stock Trading Sites for a BEGINNER

You want to learn stock trading but don't know where to start? We got you covered with the five best sites that offer a lot of resources to learn stock…
June 1, 2020

THE BEST SIMULATOR to Practice Stock Trading With Fake Money

Trading stocks is a skill that can't be learned by just reading books. You have to get used to price movement and plan your trades accordingly. Trading is a tough…
May 27, 2020

Tradenet Commissions 2020… Here is How Much You Pay!

Tradenet is a service that offers educational programs which allows you to become a funded account trader, trading CFDs via an investment firm they are working close to called TEFS.…
May 27, 2020

In-Depth Tradenet Review 2020

Tradenet is an educational program that enables you to apply for a funded account to trade CFDs via another firm they are working with. Tradenet was in the news quite…
May 12, 2020

3 Simple Steps: Where to Start With DAY TRADING

S tarting day trading seems complicated and often overwhelms people that want to know how to start. If you want to start day trading, I am going to show you…
February 17, 2020


If you don't have a lot of money, but you still want to make make money trading the stock market, and you want to avoid unstable penny stocks, then getting…
September 13, 2019

How Does Buying Shares Work? | Step-by-Step for BEGINNERS

Buying shares is not that complicated. If you want to start making money in the stock market, you can do this within a few days. Before you buy shares, you…
September 5, 2019

3 BEST WAYS How to Screen Stocks For Day Trading

Screening stocks is crucial for your pre-trading preparation. During the years, I went through a lot of screening techniques and tools that helped me to find excellent trading opportunities. I…
August 25, 2019

What Kind of Returns do Day Traders Make on AVERAGE?

Trading can be tough, and most people fail because they are unable to bring the right strategies to the table or can't control their emotions. It is common knowledge that…
August 19, 2019

Is Pattern Day Trading Illegal? (The LIE Of PDT Being Bad)

The 'Pattern Day Trader' (PDT) is a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) classification for a stock market trader who executes four or more day trades in five business days in…
August 13, 2019

What Percentage of Penny Stocks FAIL and How Many SUCCEED?

Penny Stocks are sold as the holy grail for people with less money to get rich quick. I traded them many years and lost a lot of on them. With…
August 6, 2019

Tradenet Withdrawal: Here is how it works!

During my review of Tradenet, the question of how the withdrawal works came up. It also seems to spark a lot of issues with people that want to start with…
July 19, 2019

Why The 20 EMA Is The Best Moving Average For 15 min Charts

The 15-min chart is excellent when you want to catch a multi-day swing-trade and gain some significant profits. It is my favorite chart to find entries after consulting the daily…
July 18, 2019

Why The 20 EMA Is The Best Moving Average For Daily Charts

Traders use a plethora of different moving averages to recognize trends. They also use various types like the simple moving average (SMA), exponential moving average (EMA), etc. as well as…
July 16, 2019

Lost EVERYTHING in Stock Market? 5 Things You Should Do Now!

Losing money is never great. It can hurt you deeply, influence your everyday life. You can get introverted or even depressed. When I blew up my accounts, I did not…
July 15, 2019

10 Killer Tips How to Make 200 Dollars a Day TRADING STOCKS

Many people aim for unrealistic profit targets, as was I when I started trading. Having a goal of $200 a day is much more reasonable and also very well achievable.…
July 14, 2019

4 Highest Probability Trading Setups That ACTUALLY WORK

Finding the highest probability setups is one of the hardest tasks in trading. It is often a process of trial and error, and I struggled with it for years to…
July 12, 2019

I KEEP LOSING MONEY in the Stock Market…What Can I Change?

I lost thousands of dollars in the stock market, blew up three trading accounts, and as a result, I had to deal with depression. After years of unsuccessful trading, I…