How To Find The BEST STOCKS To Buy Now in 2019

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Stock trading is all about finding opportunities

Many traders watch the wrong stocks and end up missing the action that takes place in other stocks. Stock trading is like going to parties, and you don’t want to join parties where there is no action and no people.

You may notice that there is action in other stocks, but by then it could already be too late for you to join in.

Successful traders use real-time stock scanners

Get notified about potential stock action before the big movements take place! If you want to be successful in stock trading, there is almost no way around a solid scanner since all brokers only provide fundamental scanning capabilities.

The best stock scanner on the market, which is also very popular with traders around the world is the trade ideas scanner. They provide pre-configured in-depth scanners that allow you to react as fast as possible. Scanners even offer social media activity to spot potential viral stock moves.

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A cloud based artificial intelligence that helps you trading

Besides the stock scanners, trade ideas also crafted a next generation artificial intelligence that provides you with 100% non-emotional trade decisions.

How can this help you?

The A.I. (artificial intelligence) powered robot-advisement consists of several dozen different investment algorithms subjected to over a million trading scenarios. As a human being, it is impossible to consider and evaluate all these different scenarios in time. That is why an A.I. is perfect as a non-emotional trading buddy to give you ideas as fast as possible and keep you focused on what matters: making money.

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Is there a free way?

Yes, there is a free way to find stocks, it just requires you more time to research. You may still miss stocks that get the action intraday that you would not necessarily see with the free tools out there as this is where trade ideas thrives. Here are some ideas where you can find stocks to trade:

  • Chatrooms: Many traders communicate in chats, seeing what others watch helps you to find stocks that are moving. The educational broker Tradenet, for example, has a live trading room where you find experts and other members that trade live every day.
  • A great screener site that lets you create custom scanners and also gives excellent details to stocks. Useful for analysis only though as it is not real-time.
  • This site has a great view of pre-market or after-hours gappers.
  • Broker Scanner Tools: Every broker has very basic scanners that can be used to create a watchlist of stocks.
  • StockTwits is the Twitter for stocks where finding trending stocks is a lot easier.

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