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Tradenet Commissions 2020... Here is How Much You Pay!

Tradenet is a service that offers educational programs which allows you to
become a funded account trader, trading CFDs via an investment firm they are working close to called TEFS. This article will tell you exactly how much commissions you have to pay with TEFS and how it is structured.

Tradenet commissions are $0.0075 per share traded with a minimum of $1.5 per executed order. Shorts have no borrowing fee since it’s CFD trading. The cost for the platform is $15 per month, and depending on the funded account you are trading, basing on the program you chose, you give away 15% to 30% of the profits you made. Let’s have a closer look at how exactly this is all structured.

Trading Commissions

TEFS (the investment firm Tradenet works with) will charge you per share traded. They will cost you $0.006 per share traded and $0.0015 per share as a routing fee. So in total, you pay $0.0075 per share traded.

They also have a minimum fee if you trade less than 200 shares you will pay at least $1.50 per executed order.

Let’s look at some sample share sizes and how much you have to pay for commissions:

# of Shares 1 Order 2 Orders (Roundtrip)
100 $1.50 $3.00
200 $1.50 $3.00
300 $2.25 $4.50
500 $3.75 $7.50
1000 $7.50 $15.00
5000 $37.50 $75.00

Short-selling has no special fee since you are not directly participating in the market with CFD trading. There is also no special fee for holding a short position overnight. Every stock you can trade is also shortable.

Profit Splits

Since you are trading a funded account that is not directly yours, you have to split the profits you make with them. Tradenet offers four different packages, which can provide access to four
different account sizes by TEFS, and all have varying percentages of profit splits. The charts below show you how much of your profits you can keep for yourself with each package.





Platform Fee

Level 2 information is usually not free, and TEFS also charges a monthly fee to access their trading platform. This monthly fee is $15 and will be deducted each month from your account.


Tradenet offers up to 20% off of their trading education packages. You can get a discount with this link here. They also offer a free 5-day trading challenge so you can make yourself familiar with their service.
If you want to know more about Tradenet, please check out my in-depth review of them.

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  • Jeremy Needle says:

    Thank you for the clarification. Have been searching for this everywhere.

  • Archie says:

    Hello, let say i made $1000 minus there 30% and my net is $700. If i withdraw $700 minus 15 wire fee, i will only get $685? Or there is another fee besides the 30% ? If there is so how much or how many percent more?

    • Tim Huggenberger says:

      Hi Archie,
      The 30% is getting deducted once you want to withdraw money (not earlier). So if you withdraw $700 they will deduct $210 (the 30% profit share) plus the $15. So they will transfer $475 to your account. There is no other fee when you withdraw money, just the profit share and the $15 wire fee. If you want the $685 paid out you have to withdraw $1000.
      Kind Regards,

  • Joel says:

    How are the commissions and level 2 fees etc paid? Are they simply deducted from the $14,000 account?

    • Tim Huggenberger says:

      Hi Joel, If you get a $14,000 account you will have a max-loss of $700. Commissions and the platform fee are going to be deducted from those $700. If you are making a profit of $500 your max-loss increases to $1200 which is then basically your account value which commissions are deducted from. The $14,000 is just the buying power you get to buy or short stocks.
      Kind Regards,

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